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Diffraction Resources
EXPGUI is a graphical interface for the Los Alamos GSAS package.
GSAS (General Structure Analysis System) is a comprehensive system for the refinement of structural models to both x-ray and neutron diffraction data.
More info on GSAS+EXPGUI, and how to download and install, can be found at the EXPGUI version tracking web site.
Pease include a reference to GSAS and/or EXPGUI in publications making use of the software.
A.C. Larson and R.B. Von Dreele, "General Structure Analysis System (GSAS)", Los Alamos National Laboratory Report LAUR 86-748 (2000). [link to PDF copy of manual]

B. H. Toby, 'EXPGUI', a graphical user interface for GSAS, J. Appl. Cryst. 34, 210-213 (2001). [link to PDF version of paper]

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