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Welcome to the 11-BM Homepage
Beamline 11-BM is a dedicated powder diffraction instrument at the APS. It offers the highest resolution powder diffraction data available in the Americas. Learn how powder diffraction could be be used in your research.
Proposals for both on-site experiments or mail-in access are accepted. New users, or those with a limited number of samples, should consider 11-BM's unique rapid-access mail-in program.
11-BM combines the brilliance of an APS bending magnet source with the efficiency of a sagittally focused double-crystal Si monochromator to achieve world-class sensitivity and resolution.
The diffractometer uses multiple single-crystal analyzer detectors to simultaneously offer high-speed (≤ 1 hr) and high-resolution (< 1.4 x 10-4 ΔQ/Q) data collection.
Learn more about the 11-BM user program and access for industrial users, explore the instrument's design and performance, read about science performed at the beamline, and browse powder diffraction resources.
The APS operates two dedicated powder diffraction beamlines. Find more information on the Structural Science group website or this overview poster on powder diffraction at the APS
See the 11-BM User Wiki page for the most recent 11-BM notes and detailed user information.

News and Announcements
» 11-BM contributes to > >100 user publications in 2017
» Partnership for Complementary NPD & SXPD Data
» Streamlined mail-in Rapid Access request system
» Updated APS Calendar, 3x On-Site GUP Deadlines per year
» Beamline Videos on 11-BM YouTube Channel
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