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Diffraction Resources
CMPR is a free multipurpose program for powder diffraction data.
It is a convenient tool for manipulating and converting multiple datasets. It can also be used to fit and index diffraction peaks.
The program works well with 11-BM's .fxye GSAS data format, but can be used with nearly any powder XRD data.
More info on CMPR, including how to download and install, can be found at the CMPR version tracking web site.
New users are referred to a brief quick-start guide which highlights some of CMPR's basic features.

Screen Shots showing the CMPR control and plotting windows.
CMPR Screen Shot

If you use CMPR in a project, please cite:
Toby, B. H. (2005). "CMPR - a powder diffraction toolkit," Journal of Applied Crystallography 38, 1040-1041.

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