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Beamline 11-BM is a dedicated high-resolution powder diffractometer at the APS. It offers high resolution powder diffraction data (< 1.2 x 10-4 Δd/d) over moderate time scales (10 minutes – 1 hour). Beamline 11-BM offers both on-site and mail-in modes of access. On-site experiments allow for a wide variety of sample environments, including variable temperature (5 K – 1800 C), electrochemical cells, and gas flow and loading.

New Users


11-BM is a beamline at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) dedicated to high resolution powder diffraction measurements. Domestic and international users may submit requests to perform an experiment on the instrument. Industrial users are also welcome.

Beamtime is awarded and allocated based on scientific proposals submitted by potential users. More information on this is available on the APS User Office page. The APS is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy to support fundamental and applied research. There is no cost associated with beamtime awarded for non-proprietary experiments performed by domestic or international users.


Experiments at 11-BM

There are two ways to perform experiments at 11-BM. Like other beamlines, users may travel to Argonne and perform measurements on-site at the APS.

Alternatively, 11-BM also offers a convenient service for mail-in access to the instrument. Please note safety restrictions on hazardous materials which 11-BM mail-in service cannot accept.



Rapid Access Mail-In

The 11-BM mail-in service provides users with convenient and rapid access to world-class quality data for routine analyses on a limited number of samples. Read more about each of the mail-in program's 10 easy steps here.

1) Submit Proposal, 2) Request Sample Bases, 3) Receive Bases, 4) Prepare Capillaries 5) Register Samples, 6) Select Scans, 7) Send Bases, 8) Collect Data, 9) Publish Results, and 10) Sample Disposal


Standard Proposals

Standard proposals are required for experiments falling outside the scope of our rapid-access mail-in program. These proposals are peer-reviewed three times a year (check the GUP calender for exact dates). Once accepted, proposals are allocated beam time for subsequent run cycles. Consult the beamline description for more information about instrumental capabilities - or contact beamline staff for more up-to-date details.


Questions / Comments

Please feel free to contact beamline staff at anytime ([email protected]) with your questions, comments, or suggestions about high resolution powder diffraction science at 11-BM.