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Beamline 11-BM is a dedicated high-resolution powder diffractometer at the APS. It offers high resolution powder diffraction data (< 1.2 x 10-4 Δd/d) over moderate time scales (10 minutes – 1 hour). Beamline 11-BM offers both on-site and mail-in modes of access. On-site experiments allow for a wide variety of sample environments, including variable temperature (5 K – 1800 C), electrochemical cells, and gas flow and loading.

Proprietary vs. Non-proprietary Users

The APS distinguishes between proprietary and non-proprietary research.

There is no charge for beamtime related to non-proprietary research intended be published in the open literature. New Users must register, submit a proposal to request time, and should have a general user agreement in place. These research results will be available to the public. Users are expected to notify the APS of publications resulting from this work conducted at the APS.

For proprietary work, where the data collected is not intended to be published in the open literature, US law requires that a fee be charged to recover facility costs. In this case, experimental time at APS beamlines is available on a cost-recovery basis under a Proprietary User Agreement.

Read more information about industrial users & 11-BM. A proprietary user agreement must be established before any beamtime can be allocated.

Contact the APS User Office for more information about proprietary user agreements. Then can be reached by phone at 630-252-9090 or by email: [email protected].

By default, collected data are retained on APS beamline computers and backup servers, and samples are disposed after the experiment. At additional cost, proprietary users may request that data is deleted from electronic storage at Argonne and samples are returned. Please coordinate with beamline staff for details prior to submitting a sample under a Proprietary User Agreement.