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Beamline 11-BM is a dedicated high-resolution powder diffractometer at the APS. It offers high resolution powder diffraction data (< 1.2 x 10-4 Δd/d) over moderate time scales (10 minutes – 1 hour). Beamline 11-BM offers both on-site and mail-in modes of access. On-site experiments allow for a wide variety of sample environments, including variable temperature (5 K – 1800 C), electrochemical cells, and gas flow and loading.

Beamline 11-BM: Science

Many of the most interesting materials being studied today are not available in single-crystal form during the critical period following the initial discovery. However, it is precisely during this initial phase that detailed structural information is most critically needed. In addition, many phase transformations chemical processes destroy single crystals, restricting materials available to powders.

High-resolution powder diffraction thus provides a key research tool for determining the structure and for following structural changes as a function of temperature, voltage, field, or pressure. It can also be essential in defining future synthetic approaches required in optimizing the properties of these new materials.

The increasingly complex chemistry of modern materials demands that the structural information be obtained with high precision. As a consequence, many powder diffraction studies performed today are information starved - limited by the detail of available data. 11-BM aims to remove this research obstacle for its users, and to facilitate superior crystallography with convenient and timely access to world-class powder diffraction data.


Scientific Benefits of 11-BM Powder X-ray Diffraction

High-Resolution Diffraction (< 1.2 x 10-4 ΔQ/Q): allows peaks to be resolved, essential for indexing
improves structure solution and provides optimal detail in crystal structures

High-Sensitivity Diffraction: permits weak peaks to be observed above background
essential for superior structural detail & provides more observations

High-Energy Diffraction (~ 30 keV): access smaller d-spacing and a wider Q range energy (more observations!)
less sample absorption for high Z samples

High-Throughput Diffraction: facilitates a unique mail-in service
rapid access to world-class powder diffraction data with leaving the lab

11-BM Science Highlights

Through its mail-in service and on-site user experiments, 11-BM serves a diverse scientific community - including chemistry, materials, condensed matter physics, geosciences, pharmaceutical science, and structural biology. Highlighted below are a selection of research projects which have benefited from the world-class sensitivity and resolution of 11-BM.

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