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Beamline 11-BM is a dedicated high-resolution powder diffractometer at the APS. It offers high resolution powder diffraction data (< 1.2 x 10-4 Δd/d) over moderate time scales (10 minutes – 1 hour). Beamline 11-BM offers both on-site and mail-in modes of access. On-site experiments allow for a wide variety of sample environments, including variable temperature (5 K – 1800 C), electrochemical cells, and gas flow and loading.

11-BM User Program

User proposals for beamtime may request on-site experimental time or rapid-access via a mail-in program. Proposals from industrial users are also accepted.

The unique 11-BM mail-in service allows users to submit a short proposal and receive world-class powder diffraction data for their experiment typically in less than one month. This is a free service for all non-proprietary users.

To maintain a swift turnaround for all users, rapid-access allocations are limited to a single APS shift (8 hours, or 8 samples) per proposal. Experiments requiring more beamtime must submit a standard proposal via the normal APS review process (see deadlines).

Mail-in data collection is performed at a fixed energy (~ 30 keV), with limited collection at 27 keV for Sn containing samples, and users are offered a section of scans at a select number of temperatures. On-site experiments are required for more specialized measurements or for samples not acceptable for the mail-in program.

All beamtime requests must be submitted through the Advanced Photon Source General User Program. More information about 11-BM capabilities and our unique rapid-access mail-in program can be found throughout this website and on the 11-BM FAQ page.

More information is available for new and current users.

More information is available for industrial users.

New measurement protocols are often added or considered; please feel free to contact 11-BM staff with any questions or comments, or for more information about on-site experimental capabilities.