Advanced Photon Source (APS)
Powder Diffraction @ Beamline 11-BM
Mail-In User Program

Select an action for 11-BM Samples

Step 1: Request sample mounting kit(s) for an accepted 11-BM proposal
Request sample base(s) for proposal # with e-mail address:
Request standard bases, large bases and nested bases (enter a number for each base size)
Local Users: Tick this check box to pickup your base(s) on-site at the APS

NOTE that requests for approved rapid access mail-in proposals are generally limited to 1 shift of APS beamtime (total of 8 hours or 8 samples) per proposal.

Refer to the user instructions or contact 11-BM staff with any questions.


Step 2: Submit sample registration information and define scan parameters
Find unregistered sample base(s) issued to e-mail address:


Step 3, optional: Designate sample(s) to be returned to you.
Search by e-mail address:

Step 4: Download diffraction data for completed samples
Search for samples registered by e-mail address:
that were collected since / /.
Display entries starting with entry .

Step 5: Use online or emailed form to update analysis and publication status for previously measured samples. For privacy reasons, the online form lists only sample ID numbers; use the emailed form for a more detailed sample list.
Search for samples registered by e-mail address:
that were collected before / /.
Send complete form by email. Use abbreviated form online.

Optional: Obtain complete list of sample information and ID numbers. For privacy reasons, this is sent by email.
Request list for samples logged to e-mail address:
Include samples that are (select 1 or more tick box):
Logged in only Registered or Received Data collected
format: HTML CSV

Optional: Resend safety registration E-mail.
Search for samples with unverified safety
registration information for e-mail address:

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