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Technical Description
Image Gallery
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11-BM Sample Photos
Sample Base
Mail-In Sample Mounting Kit, showing base, capillaries and magnetic vial cap (sorry, coin not included)
Sample Base
Mail-in Sample Base with Loaded Kapton Capillary, the unique ID number printed on the side is also encoded as a barcode on the bottom.
Sample Base wth capillary
Example of 11-BM base showing a loaded sample (A) and empty capillary (B) with the x-ray beam center marked. Please ensure sample fills the shaded illumination region.
Sample Pucks
Multi-Sample Magazine Puck (holds up to 16 bases) - may be used for non-rapid access users with > 8 samples.
11-BM Diffractometer Sample Stage
Diffractometer sample stage, showing positioning stage and sample spinner (red arrow). Incident beam is from left, edge of detector assembly just visible on right.
11-BM Sample Table
11-BM sample holding tray for robotic arm, individual sample bases are mounted at the bottom (positions 1-3) and multi-sample puck is shown at top.

Diffractometer Photos
11-BM Diffractometer Top View
11-BM diffractometer table - overhead view
11-BM Diffractometer Side View
11-BM diffractometer table - side view
X-ray beam path viewed upsream from sample
Diffractometer sample stage, viewing x-ray beam path upstream from the sample position
11-BM Diffractometer Hutch
Diffractometer Hutch - Wide View

Other Beamline Photos
11-BM Robot Action Loading a Sample
11-BM Robot in Action Loading a Sample from the Holding Tray
Loading a Sample
Zoom of Sample Stage During Robotic Loading
Goniometer head spinner
Goniometer head spinner sample stage being used with Hot Gas Blower
Loading a Sample
Zoom of Goniometer head spinner (not spinning) with Hot Gas Blower
Side view of diffractometer with goniometer head spinner sample stage mounted
Side view of diffractometer with goniometer head spinner sample stage mounted
Detail of goniometer head spinner showing standard Huber-style mount
Detail of goniometer head spinner showing standard Huber-style mount
11-BM Robot
11-BM Mitsubishi sample exchange robot with custom gripping fingers
12-Crystal Detector Assembly
12-Crystal Analyzer (Si(111) crystals) & Detector (LaCl3 scintillators) Assembly
Cryoblower Inserted on Sample
Integrated cryostream blower positioned over sample
11-BM Monochromator Tank
Monochromator tank in optics hutch containing sagitally bent Si(111) focusing crystal
11-BM Optics Hutch
11-BM optics hutch (A-Station) ~ 40 meters upstream from sample
11-BM Control Station
A scrupulously tidy 11-BM control station with computers and video monitors

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