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X-ray Absorption Computation

Wavelength = 0.7125 Angstrom
Energy = 17.4000 KeV
Sample Radius = 0.50 mm (diameter=1.00 mm)
Element= C 	N =     1.00   f'= 0.003   f"= 0.002   mu=      6.51 barns
Est. density= 1.995 g/cm3, Input density=1.420 g/cm3
Total mu= 0.46 cm-1, Total muR= 0.02, Transmission exp(-2*muR)= 95.4726%

The plot above shows the absorption for each input element and for the specified composition as a function of X-ray wavelength/energy. The blue dotted line indicates a muR value of 1. In a capillary (Debye-Scherrer) geometry, it is ideal when muR is 1 or below, as sample absorption is minimal and no correction is usually needed. The red dotted line indicates a muR value of 5. For muR >= 5, measurements are generally not possible in a capillary geometry, as there will be very severe levels of absorption and corrections are inaccurate.

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