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Compute X-ray Absorption

Select X-ray Wavelength or Energy: (click for details)

Chemical Formula: (click for details)
enter using element chemical symbol and formula unit occupancy, e.g. YBa2Cu3O6.5 (proper capitalization is required)

Sample Radius: (click for details)
capillary radius in mm

Sample Density or Packing Fraction (click for details)
enter measured sample density or estimated packing fraction (often ~0.6)

About: This routine estimates capillary sample absorption for transmission geometry (Debye-Scherrer) powder X-ray diffraction measurements.
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Web utility created by Robert B. Von Dreele, Matthew R. Suchomel and Brian H. Toby, based on the python software package Absorb (download here).

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New feature: define your own custom absorb.php bookmark with default wavelength settings (or sample radius etc)

Last Modified: Feb 2013

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