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User Information
Detailed GUP Instructions
All requests for measurements or beamtime at 11-BM must be submitted as a General User Proposal (GUP). Proposals are submitted online and may consist of up to the six sections listed below.
Follow the links below to read more information about each step.

Rapid Access mail-in requests must select both:
  • Does this proposal require mail-in service? = "YES"
  • Is this proposal for rapid-access powder diffraction measurements?= "YES"
  • "NO" is the typical answer for the other questions, but answer as appropriate for your situation.

    Students/postdocs: please include all appropriate advisors and collaborators as co-experimenters on your proposal.

    Fully describe the proposed research or measurement(s) in a concise manner below. On-Site experiment proposals require more detail than single rapid access requests

    Request the appropriate number of beamtime shifts for your experiment.
    NOTE: This section does *not* apply to Rapid Access mail-in requests (limited to 1 shift per proposal).

    Answer the questions in this section.
    NOTE: This section does *not* apply to Rapid Access mail-in requests.

    Chose the panel which best matches the subject area of your proposal.
    NOTE: This section does *not* apply to Rapid Access mail-in requests.

    Start a new proposal, or read more information about each section in a General User Proposal for 11-BM beamtime.

    GUP Start Page Screenshot (click for larger version)
    GUP Start Page Screenshot

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